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    (Closed) Technical Project Manager: Contract-Based Jobs at FieldEngineer

    Technical Project Manager

    Our worldwide PMO, leads projects/programs across the organization, from Product Development to Marketing to Sales and wherever in the middle. You'll be Collaborating with both internal clients and external accomplices to help define and execute on our worldwide roadmap.

    FieldEngineer is a project-based job platform.

    What You'll Do

    ·       Drive multiple simultaneous projects (with a geologically distributed team) beginning to end and deliver value to our merchants on-schedule.

    ·       Manage everyday operations of scope management, project, and resource planning, progress tracking, proactive risks and issues management, cross-functional/partner, and initiative communication.

    ·       Perform Scrum Master (and Agile Coach) obligations including facilitating run planning, standups, run audits, reviews, and release planning.

    ·       Provide cross-functional visibility into status, resourcing needs, conditions, granular prerequisites, dates, and escalations for projects.

    ·       Facilitate all of the cross-functional communication for a project from Kickoff through General Availability.

    ·       Create and authorize cross-functional responsibility across all business and technical groups and levels utilizing soft and hard switches.

    ·       Team up with partners inside our PMO and across all other functions.

    ·       Search for ways to innovatively settle for the ideal shared result every single day.

    ·       Take advantage of your chops to work with technical and not technical partners.

    ·       Add to our organizational culture and collective knowledge.

    What your identity is

    ·       2+ years of experience in web technologies, as a technical project manager leading small to medium software development projects.

    ·       Should exhibit direct experience utilizing agile methodologies for managing projects and instructing teams.

    ·       You have experience utilizing a variety of tools like JIRA, Confluence, Smart sheets, and G Suite.

    ·       Any Project management, agile development, measure improvement/quality certifications are wanted (for example PMP, ScrumMaster, Lean, or Six Sigma).

    ·       Self-driven. You have better organizational skills, integrity, and extraordinary finish on errands. You don't get overpowered without any problem.

    ·       Normally curious. You're inventive, incredibly imaginative, and continually providing plans to optimize the process.

    ·       Fun. You're a charming social butterfly who can converse with anybody; you're adaptable, daring, and eager to help build something wonderful.

    ·       Commonsense. You understand the greatness and downfalls of the agile, waterfall, and other ways and strategies - and know what to apply for every circumstance.

    ·       Inspirational. You understand the effect of a highly-fulfilled, excited team; you are slightly obsessive-compulsive about grinding away at issues.

    ·       Positive. You know that when similar, skilled partners set their attention to accomplishing aspiring objectives, incredible things occur. You bring that inspiration and attitude to all that you do.

    ·       Problem Solver. You use logic, as well as the creative mind, to figure out a situation and think of a smart solution.

    ·       Scrappy. You have an innate, scrappy, and entrepreneurial drive to complete things in a quick environment where things can (and do!) change rapidly, priorities compete, and you may not generally have all of the details upfront. Nothing gets by you.

    ·       A utility player. You're willing to assist wherever required.

    Flexible Technical Project Manager Jobs

    For more information on working as a Technical Project Manager or if you might want to work on industrial operations - please don't waste a second to connect with our Work-From-Anywhere Engineers from the Field Engineer. As a worldwide remote job marketplace that connects virtual workforce on-demand with companies, we can assist you with any kind of technician micro jobs you may be searching for.