Does StyleTap Platform Support International Languages?

1/16/2009 11:29 PM
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The current preview version of StyleTap Platform is an English-only version. All text that is generated by StyleTap Platform is English text.

StyleTap Platform does not support double-byte character sets such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean. (But applications written in English should run normally on all Windows Mobile/Pocket PC devices, including Asian-language devices.)

Overlays are supported, however, and non-English applications that use the single-byte character set (generally, European languages) may run correctly. Whenever an application is launched, StyleTap Platform tries to load an application overlay that matches the language and country specified in the Windows Mobile Regional Settings. If that particular overlay is not found, it tries to load an English US overlay. Note that some applications will not run unless a corresponding overlay is installed.

StyleTap recognizes the need for better international language and will provide it as soon as possible. At this time we cannot say when the implementation will be available.