Is This App Running on StyleTap Platform?

1/16/2009 11:26 PM
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Use FtrGet to query the following system features. If your program is running under StyleTap� Platform on Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, the following values will be returned:

- for sysFtrNumOEMCompanyID, the value 'stap'
- for sysFtrNumOEMDeviceID, the value 'winm'
- for sysFtrNumOEMROMVersion, a 5-digit decimal number that gives the version (major and minor) and build number within version of this copy of StyleTap Platform. For example, if the value is 12345, the major version number is 1, the minor version is 2, and the build number within version 1.2 is 345. This value should be displayed as v1.2.345.

Sample code:

UInt32 companyID;
UInt32 deviceID;
UInt32 versionBuildNumber;
Err companyErr;
Err deviceErr;
Err versionErr;

companyErr = FtrGet (sysFtrCreator, sysFtrNumOEMCompanyID,

deviceErr = FtrGet (sysFtrCreator, sysFtrNumOEMDeviceID,

if ((companyErr == 0) && (companyID == 'stap') &&
(deviceErr == 0) && (deviceID == 'winm'))
// This is StyleTap!
versionError = FtrGet (sysFtrCreator,