Inside the StyleTap Database Folder

1/16/2009 11:25 PM
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The databases and .PRC images that StyleTap Platform keeps in the Program Files\styletap\db subdirectory are renamed but the contents are identical to the same files on a Palm OS device.

(StyleTap's long file names encode some basic information such as creator id so we don't always have to open the files when we enumerate them. The first part of the filename, before the "#" character, is identical to the .PRC or .PDB database name.)

In general, you should not make any external changes to the databases while StyleTap Platform is running, and changes that StyleTap applications make to the databases are only guaranteed to be flushed out to file storage when StyleTap Platform terminates (which you can force by entering Ctl-q on the keyboard).

When StyleTap Platform is not running, you can add .PRC and .PDB files to the subdirectory -- and we will load and rename them the next time StyleTap Platform is run. Or you can copy databases to the desktop (using ActiveSync) or beam them to another device or use your own synchronization program to access them. If you copy a database out of our subdirectory, you'll have to rename it yourself.

While StyleTap is running, databases can be beamed to or from the device and they will be renamed on the fly.