How Do I Upgrade to a New Version of StyleTap Platform?

1/16/2009 11:12 PM
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We've tried to make the upgrade process easy. You do NOT have to uninstall the previous version of StyleTap(R) Platform.

Just go to and download the latest version.

Install the new version the same way you installed the original version. With ActiveSync running and your Windows Mobile device in the cradle, run StyleTapSetupXXXXX.exe (where XXXXX is the version number). When you see a dialog asking if you want to reinstall, answer yes.

If you have purchased StyleTap Platform, your registration key and your applications and data will all be preserved.

If you have not yet purchased StyleTap Platform, you will start a new 14-day trial when you install an updated version.

If you have subscribed to our news blog, we will notify you about updates by email. Feel free to check our website for updates at any time.

You can verify the version of StyleTap Platform that you are running by checking "About StyleTap Platform" from the Tools menu on the command bar at the bottom of the screen.