Palm Treo 7xx User Interface (750, 700w, 700wx)

1/16/2009 10:59 PM
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Because the Palm(R) Treo(TM) 7XX devices (750, 700w, 700wx, etc.) have square screens and a different set of buttons and keys from most current Pocket PC devices, Styletap Platform on those devices uses several new UI conventions. The downloadable attachment provides an illustrated guide.

1. Hiding the taskbar and command bar. On the Treo 7XX, the Windows Mobile taskbar (at the top of the screen) and the StyleTap command bar (at the bottom) overlap the main application window of a StyleTap application. You can hide or show the taskbar and command bar by pressing the left action key (just below the screen, on the left).

By default, these bars are initially hidden when you run a StyleTap application on a Treo 7XX. StyleTap runs slightly faster when the taskbar and command bar are hidden.

2. Application menus. The right action key causes the current application menu to be shown/hidden.

On devices that have a hardware keyboard, like the Treo 7XX, menu shortcut characters (which are displayed beside each menu option) can be entered from the keyboard. While the menu is active, you can press a shortcut key to select the corresponding menu option.

3. Virtual keyboard. With the StyleTap command bar showing, you can use the SIP (keyboard) icon to bring up the virtual keyboard/input area. When the SIP is up, only part of the application is visible; you can scroll the screen using the up/down navigation keys.

4. OK button exits application. From any StyleTap application, press the OK button to jump back to the StyleTap Launcher. From the StyleTap Launcher, press the OK button to terminate StyleTap.

5. Using hard keys to control games. Some games need access to the four Palm hard keys. On a Treo 7XX with StyleTap, you can use Game Mode to access these keys. To switch to Game Mode, press Alt followed by the left action key. In Game Mode, the keyboard keys Q, W, O and P generate Palm key codes for hard key 1 (usually the Calendar key on a Palm device), hard key 2 (usually the Address Book key), hard key 3 (usually the To Do key) and hard key 4 (usually the Notes key) respectively. Game mode lasts until you press Alt and the left action key again, or switch out of or terminate the current application.