Copy and Paste Text Between Applications

1/16/2009 10:54 PM
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It is easy to copy and paste text between Pocket PC or StyleTap applications today. Copy and paste works the same as it does in native Pocket PC applications. Most text applications have a standard Edit menu that works the same as it does in Pocket PC applications.

From your StyleTap application, select some text in a text field by drawing the stylus through the part of the text that you are interested in. Alternatively, in most applications you can use the Edit menu to "Select All".

To copy the text, again use the Edit/Copy menu option. Or use the command bar shortcut at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the shortcut icon (which is the yellow rectancle to the right of the magnifying glass). In the command bar that appears across the bottom of the application screen, tap on the copy icon (which looks like two sheets of paper). You only have a couple of seconds to tap on this icon, so it takes a bit of practice.

Now the selected text has been copied into the clipboard area, and it can be pasted into any text field in any other Pocket PC or StyleTap application.

To paste the text, tap in the text field to set the point where the text will be inserted. Then choose the Edit/Paste menu option. (Or you can use a command bar shortcut again. This time the paste icon looks like a clipboard with a sheet of paper on top.)

In Pocket PC applications, you can use the Edit menu at the bottom of the screen, or the popup menu that appears when you tap and hold the stylus inside a text field.