Memory cards (SD or CF cards)

1/16/2009 10:53 PM
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StyleTap Platform can be installed in main memory or on an expansion memory card (e.g. an SD or CF memory card). If you have installed StyleTap on an SD card, you must be careful to terminate the StyleTap application before you remove the SD card. You can use the "Exit" menu option in the StyleTap Launcher to terminate StyleTap. If StyleTap is installed on an SD card and you remove the SD card before StyleTap terminates, files used by StyleTap applications may be corrupted.

StyleTap Platform can only be installed in one location -- in main memory OR on one memory card. If you want to move StyleTap from one location to another, you must uninstall it first from the current location and then reinstall it in the new location.

In general, StyleTap will run fastest and with the least problems if it is installed in main memory. That is what we recommend.

Regardless of where StyleTap is installed, applications running under StyleTap that use VFS IO calls can access files in main memory or on any expansion memory card that is inserted in the device. By default, such files are usually located in a folder named Palm/programs/Program Name, but they can be in any folder.

Ordinary, old-style databases (which are accessed using the Data Manager calls) must be located in the same memory location where StyleTap is installed. If StyleTap is installed in main memory, traditional databases must also be in main memory. If StyleTap is installed on an SD card, traditional databases must also be on the same SD card. If you use the StyleTap Application Installer to install programs or databases from your desktop computer to your handheld device, they will automatically be placed in the correct location.

Many newer applications (which may have very large data files) use the VFS IO calls mentioned above, so their data files can be located in different memory locations. For example, Documents To Go can access files in any location.