Windows 98 Support

1/16/2009 10:52 PM
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StyleTap Platform does not support Windows 98 at this time. It is on our enhancement list, but we cannot say when it will be available.

It is our understanding that the setup program runs successfully on Windows 98, but that the StyleTap Application Installer does not work. Even on Windows 98, the setup program should install StyleTap Platform and two sample applications on your Windows Mobile device. Please let us know if this does not work for you.

Once StyleTap Platform is installed on your handheld device, there is an easy manual workaround for installing additional applications.

The StyleTap Application Installer just copies application programs and databases (.prc and .pdb files) from your desktop machine to a special directory on the Windows Mobile device. If you installed StyleTap in the default location, the destination directory is My Device\\ Program Files\\ StyleTap\\ db. You can use the Explore option in ActiveSync to copy and paste the .prc and .pdb files into this directory.

StyleTap Platform should not be running when you copy files into this directory. To exit from StyleTap Platform, use the Settings\\ System\\ Memory\\ Running Programs option to Stop StyleTap Launcher or and StyleTap application. Or you can use the keyboard to enter Ctl-q from inside any StyleTap application.

The next time you run the StyleTap Launcher, the application that you just added will be available.