EDGE 1.0

1/16/2009 10:35 PM
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EDGE 1.0 runs well under StyleTap Platform. Here is the recommended installation procedure. Please check www.zanegames.com for additional information.

1. If you have not already installed StyleTap Platform on your Pocket PC device, download it from
www.styletap.com and install it in main memory. (Answer "Yes" to the question "Install StyleTap Platform using the default application installation folder?")

2. Download the Zip archive (not the automatic installer) version of EDGE from
www.zanegames.com. Extract the contents to a temporary folder. From that folder,

- Use the StyleTap Application Installer to install Edge.prc to main memory on your Pocket PC. This file cannot be installed on an external memory card.

- You can also install Edge_Data.prc and Edge_Maps.prc the same way, or you can use ActiveSync Explore to copy those files to an external memory card on the Pocket PC. Place the files in the /Palm/Programs/Edge folder.

- The .ogg files should be copied to the /Palm/Programs/Edge/Sound folder on the external memory card.