1/16/2009 10:38 PM
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Planetarium runs on StyleTap Platform, but the latest version will not display in full-screen mode on a VGA (480x640) device.

When StyleTap runs in 100% Display Mode on a VGA device, we present the program with a triple density (480x480) screen. Planetarium has logic to specifically handle single (160x160), one-and-a-half (240x240) and double (320x320) density screens, but unfortunately not triple density.

If you are running on a VGA device, we suggest two possible options:

(1) If you change the Display Mode to 66%, the application appears in a with a double-density screen and should work with no problem. You can change the Display Mode using one of the menu options in the StyleTap Launcher.

(2) If you use Planetarium 2.3 instead, it does not crash in 100% Display Mode on a VGA device. It seems to paint the most of the screen correctly except for the button labels.

We have contacted the developer of Planetarium about this problem and hope that a future version will run in triple-density mode.